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Last updated: 9th February, 2014

 Barnard Family of Beccles, Stockport, &
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We are still trying to find the connection between Thomas Barnard (c.1790-1849) and Richard Barnard (c.1750-1841), the latter being the ancestor of our recently discovered cousin Catherine of Devon, England. Richard married Elizabeth Vince in Besthorpe, Norfolk in September 1775. The name Vince is not unknown to me because when I first discovered that my great grandfather had been born in Beccles, Suffolk and looked at the 1841 census of Beccles, I discovered that there were two people named Thomas Barnard living there at the time. One worked in a bank and the other from a poorer family was an agricultural labourer. Of course the poorer of the two turned out to be my ancestor.  However the other Thomas who I tended to dismiss at the time was actually called Thomas Vince Barnard and his father was William Vince Barnard.

Now it has me wondering if they were somehow related to Richard and his wife Elizabeth, as it was not uncommon for a wife's surname to appear as a prefix in later generations to the main surname. It is certainly worth a look at the ancestors of William Vince Barnard.


I have to thank our recently found new cousin Marilyn Barnard Escobedo of Oklahoma for all the information she was able to give me on the descendants of my gt. gt. uncle William Barnard of Beccles, son of Thomas Barnard (c.1790-1849).

Marilyn supplied photographs of William's children, William Frederick Barnard, Samuel J. Barnard, Thomas Hobart Barnard, and Sarah A. (Sally) Barnard who married William S. McKinney.

Marilyn also sent me transcripts of letters exchanged between the family in England and those who emigrated to the United States from 1856 to 1895. What a treasure they are! When you consider that the majority of ordinary people in the 19th century were illiterate, then it is a real privilege to read the thoughts of our family members from so long ago despite some of the interesting spelling they used.

The sadness of their separation comes through in the letters, and I found them quite moving. William 1833 married a Beccles girl, Emily Fleet, and members of the Beccles Fleet family are also part of the correspondence exchange. I still need to find the marriage details of William and Emily.

The information on William's descendants has been added to the pre-1905 family tree and I will notify as many of the family as I can reach.

I will try and insert copies of the photographs of William's children before the next update.


Wouldn't it be nice to receive information from a descendant of the Barnard family in London that in terms of dates and names fits the bill, to say that they also are relatives. So far I cannot prove or disprove that they are my relatives, but they are the only likely source for Thomas Barnard c.1790 I have found so far.


There are presently nine past newsletters which were distributed to known family members over the past few years detailing research progress and general family news. Additional past newsletters will be added as time permits. Research is continuing on our Barnard branch.

Who Am I ?

My name is Alan Barnard and I was born and raised in Manchester, England. I started researching our Barnard Family in 1971 following the death of my parents who both died in 1970. Fortunately I was able to get enough information from them before their passing that enabled me to start my research.

Obviously Genealogy - or family history, is a major interest of mine, but I am also interested in astronomy, photography, all kinds of sports especially football (soccer), and with my wife Christine, I love to travel when we have the opportunity - and of course the money. Both Chris and I are very involved with the B.C. Institute of Technology Retirees' Association. I taught for 25 years after working in the electrical industry for 26 years and eventually retired from BCIT in 1994.
If anyone has questions pertaining to the contents of this website, I can be contacted here.